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  • Introducing FEBI to Taiwan

    Introducing FEBI to Taiwan

    Focus Energy Balance Indicator (FEBI) now comes to Taiwan! On March 9 Wednesday, we had our first FEBI Introductory Workshop delivered. This marked the launch of this unique embodied personality assessment system in Taiwan. By using interactive presentation and physical exercises, Catus gave the participants a good taste of this innovative approach to personal development.…

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  • Year 110 Buying Power Award Presentation

    Year 110 Buying Power Award Presentation

    A million thanks to Chong-Wey Lin for inviting me to this award presentation ceremony. Met many passionate minds and learned more about Taiwan’s social innovation landscape. Also felt honored to have a photo with the legendary Audrey Tang, Digital Minister of Taiwan.A great start for my Taiwan venture

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  • Counting Down, Counting Up

    Looking back… 2019 is both exciting and challenging. Internally, we have acquired and developed new services and committed ourselves to new projects that required us to go beyond our comfort zone. Externally, the societal condition pushes us to rethink – our mission, goals, values, and strategies – and adapt to the changing contexts. Personal Development…

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  • When You Redesign a Process, Nothing is Impossible

    When You Redesign a Process, Nothing is Impossible

    The above word cloud captures the personal learning from my in-house training program for a client. The most mentioned ones are “everything is possible” and “nothing is impossible”. This is so encouraging – both to the organization and to me. If you think this is the kind of motivational program on personal breakthrough or team…

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  • Why (Still) Improve Cross-functional Processes?

    Why (Still) Improve Cross-functional Processes?

    Recently, I met the CEO of a medium size organization. A few years in that position, he has been driving changes and improvements in this century old organization. In the meeting, we shared our ideas on how to drive changes.  Over the past few decades, many management “techniques” like Six Sigma, TQM, Lean, Reengineering, and…

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