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  • How Planning a Heist Becomes a Training Task

    How Planning a Heist Becomes a Training Task

    Creating learning experience is always a welcoming challenge.  My motto is “you can make anything a learning experience.” The catch, however, is how relevant and effective the experience can be. (Side note: I personally don’t like to include activities that are not relevant to the topic, even for the ice-breaking activities.) A banking and finance…

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  • The Curious Case of Cardless ATM Cash Withdrawal

    The Curious Case of Cardless ATM Cash Withdrawal

    Do you still need to get cash from an ATM (Automatic Teller Machine)? In a world of electronic payments, the need for using cash is getting less and less. But occasionally, you may still need to get some cash from an ATM. The invention of ATM really brings a lot of convenience to our lives…

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  • Design Thinking Zombies

    Design Thinking Zombies

    Design Thinking is a good thing. It facilitates the business community toward more diversified and human-centered problem-solving. However, the rise of DT also brings the risks of people chasing the trend without really seriously learning the content. I call these people Design Thinking Zombies, or DT Zombies for short. They are DT enthusiasts but stay at…

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  • Design Thinking – Love or Hate?

    Design Thinking – Love or Hate?

    In the past few weeks, I met a few friends and associates, and the topic coincidentally fell on Design Thinking and all the way down the rabbit hole. The post is a recount and expansion of my very personal opinion from these Design Thinking conversations. If it offends you, you’re welcome. Why Design Thinking Impressed…

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  • Process Improvement Workshop (Taiwan)

    Process Improvement Workshop (Taiwan)

    Yesterday, we successfully delivered a demonstration workshop to Dialogue in the Dark (Taipei). In addition to introducing how we approach process improvement, the workshop also illustrated how the workshop could bring real improvement through the embedded activities and practices. Our founder, Mr Catus Lee, also shared a lot of real cases and experience to highlight…

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