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  • New Service: Values Assessment & Cultural Transformation

    We are delighted to announce that our Principal Consultant, Mr Catus Lee, is now Hong Kong’s first CTT Certified Consultant. This signifies a new milestone to our service offering. Zensiblo now has a very versatile toolset, back by a global network of practitioners, on using the Barrett Model to conduct values assessment to cultural transformation.…

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  • Revitalize Your Business with Corporate Time-Out

    Does your management team need to revitalize your business, but find it hard to reach consensus and really start? Do you want your management team to break through the “usual” thinking patterns and start reinventing the business? Do you want your team to think more strategically and create a better future? The Power of Time-Outs…

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  • Clients Testimonials Update

    In the past year, we have assisted our clients in many exciting projects. We are honored to have their testimonials uploaded in our TESTIMONIALS page. To know more about how Zensiblo can accelerate your business success, you may contact us via the CONTACT page.

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  • Zensiblo – A Reminder to Business

    Zensiblo Consulting is new – a new practice, and a new word. People usually ask, “Why do you name it Zensiblo?” The short answer: We created the name “Zensiblo” to echo our principle of help business leaders and managers make sensible moves and decisions. The long version: We have witnessed business leaders and organizations echo…

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