Zensiblo Consulting

Zensiblo – A Reminder to Business

Zensiblo Consulting is new – a new practice, and a new word.

People usually ask, “Why do you name it Zensiblo?”

The short answer:

We created the name “Zensiblo” to echo our principle of help business leaders and managers make sensible moves and decisions.

The long version:

We have witnessed business leaders and organizations echo on internal and external needs to change – strategies, business models, operational processes, service modes, cultures, to name a few. Most of these initiatives don’t get the desired or claimed results. Worse still, they yield the opposites.

Good intention aside, the changes often hit the problem at the wrong points and/or with the wrong tools.

The name “Zensiblo” serves to remind client to make holistic and sensible decisions, and careful craft changes to yield desired results.

In addition, “zen” is associated with “mindfulness” and “peace of mind”. As business leaders and manager, we all want to have achieve a level of success that also bring us peace of mind.

Therefore, we do not recommend simple “see A, do B” or “fad of the month” consulting formula. Even when we observe similar situations in different companies, the difference in the capability of people, corporate culture, structure and policies, may require us to use very different approach to achieve the desired changes.

Let’s make business zensiblo!

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