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Counting Down, Counting Up

Looking back…

2019 is both exciting and challenging.

Internally, we have acquired and developed new services and committed ourselves to new projects that required us to go beyond our comfort zone.

Externally, the societal condition pushes us to rethink – our mission, goals, values, and strategies – and adapt to the changing contexts.

Personal Development

Early in the year, we started our preparation for a new personal development service. 

Focus Energy Balance Indicator (FEBI) is a key element of this move. In April, Catus Lee, our Founder & Principal Consultant, acquired the certified FEBI coach status and joined the network of consultants worldwide to bring this valuable tool to Hong Kong. 

Starting in June 2019, we have organized a series of FEBI workshops and received highly favourable feedback.

With this encouraging start, we are about to expand our reach and impact in 2020.

Design Thinking… or Not

We are “into” Design Thinking (DT) right from Zensiblo’s launch in 2010. Ten years on and we have embedded DT in many parts of our work. As DT is gaining popularity in Hong Kong, we become more conscious of how we can really help our clients to leverage on DT to bring about real impact, and at the same time avoid being in the hype of this management buzzword.

Rather than promoting DT, we continue our exploration into more useful and elegant concepts and methods in bringing the value of DT to our clients. Here are some of the things that we usually tell our clients:

  • Focus more on front-end theme and problem/goal framing
  • Systemic use of design research methods to develop empathy (well, building empathy is not focus-less observations)
  • Brainstorming is just one of the many tools. Ideation SHOULD NOT be a random process!

We can blah, blah, blah a lot more. Most importantly, Design Thinking should develop the “thinking capability” of people. Without that, mere framework and methods can only lead to wasted time and resources pictured as glorified failures.

Therefore, we have designed more result-oriented programs on DT, such as:

  • DT for Process Breakthrough – to dramatically enhance operational processes
  • DT for Better User Experience – to enhance user experience or service delivery
  • Applying DT in Startup – leveraging on DT to design product and business model that work

And Many More

Surely, we are continuing our work on values-driven organization. This stream of work will be important to future sustainability of communities and organizations.

In fact, we are still aggressively integrating different disciplines into ourselves and Zensiblo is evolving into a more interesting entity. We don’t believe that there is only ONE solution to a real world problem. We need to be able to find and generate OPTIONS as the context changes.

Growth is good, but development is much better. We at Zensiblo focus more on developing and renewing ourselves. Only by doing this, we can help our clients develop and transform.

Going Forward…

This year, 2020, is set to be even more challenging.

We will be launching our personal development programs soon, in various forms including traditional in-person training and coaching, and over-the-internet sessions.

Here are some of what we will do in the personal development area:

  • Enlightening Self through Embodied Practices – Foundation FEBI Program to build awareness and practice to energy based personality model.
  • FEBI-based Personal Coaching sessions
  • Awaken Your Inner Leader – becoming the One You Want to Be
  • Learn from Experience – a purely experience-based program for self and leadership development

On the corporate side, we will continue our work, and more:

  • Design Thinking Plus – DT with systems mindset to realize the true power of Design Thinking
  • Strategy Design – break away from the ineffective strategic planning models to a dynamic goal seeking approach to hyper-jump your business.

The goal for us is to continually renew ourselves and create more sensible impact. Let’s sync up and move together!

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