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  • Process Improvement Workshop (Taiwan)

    Process Improvement Workshop (Taiwan)

    Yesterday, we successfully delivered a demonstration workshop to Dialogue in the Dark (Taipei). In addition to introducing how we approach process improvement, the workshop also illustrated how the workshop could bring real improvement through the embedded activities and practices. Our founder, Mr Catus Lee, also shared a lot of real cases and experience to highlight…

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  • Introducing FEBI to Taiwan

    Introducing FEBI to Taiwan

    Focus Energy Balance Indicator (FEBI) now comes to Taiwan! On March 9 Wednesday, we had our first FEBI Introductory Workshop delivered. This marked the launch of this unique embodied personality assessment system in Taiwan. By using interactive presentation and physical exercises, Catus gave the participants a good taste of this innovative approach to personal development.…

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  • Year 110 Buying Power Award Presentation

    Year 110 Buying Power Award Presentation

    A million thanks to Chong-Wey Lin for inviting me to this award presentation ceremony. Met many passionate minds and learned more about Taiwan’s social innovation landscape. Also felt honored to have a photo with the legendary Audrey Tang, Digital Minister of Taiwan.A great start for my Taiwan venture

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  • Activate Your Energy for a Better Self

    We have concluded our first round of FEBI events with the September 7 Leadership Energy workshop. This time, we have gone deeper into the powerful tool. In addition to introducing the 4 energy patterns, we also worked with the participants to explore deeper into their own styles, their current work requirements, and find ways to…

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  • FEBI Meets Hong Kong

    The first FEBI public workshop in Hong Kong was successfully completed on July 27, 2019. We would like to thank these early adopters and were delighted for the highly positive feedback received. The workshop was designed to focus more on personal development, with a full FEBI assessment and report as a special introductory offer. This…

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