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We have concluded our first round of FEBI events with the September 7 Leadership Energy workshop.

This time, we have gone deeper into the powerful tool. In addition to introducing the 4 energy patterns, we also worked with the participants to explore deeper into their own styles, their current work requirements, and find ways to elevate their needed energies to achieve a more balanced development.

Like no others, FEBI goes beyond awareness-based changes. By connecting mind and body as one, FEBI provides means to behaviour changes through movement, sports, music and decoration of workspace. By engaging full sensation and movements, changes can be activated and achieved.

This all sounds a bit mystic, right?

But if you think about how music and martial arts can help develop a person’s character, you will know this is all sensible. The development of FEBI has systematically connected the mind and body in stimulating personal changes, and let us focus on more effective means of creating changes.

In this workshop, some of our friends were having a relatively low energy levels. It also gave them the opportunity to reflect on the source of such lows. Was that due to lack of goals, conflict between own and company values, or experiencing a career change?

As our friends had noted, FEBI enabled them to find out how to take action for change. Real improvement starts when you move. This is exactly how FEBI stands out as a personality assessment tool.

To learn more about our FEBI service, visit here.

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