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How We Work

Humble & Provocative

We respect our clients’ knowledge of their own situations.

At the beginning of each engagement, instead of depending on the brief of a client, we spend time learning and understanding the context to ensure useful perspectives are developed.

To solve the problems or situations, we take a provocative approach to challenge ourselves and the clients. This will mark the real beginning of actions – choosing appropriate methodologies and tools, and iterative implementation.

You need an open mind to work with us.

We don’t believe in pre-decided solutions or methodologies. We adopt a variety of methodologies in our toolbox and consciously choose “when to use what”. If you are curious about them, the following list will provide you with some lights.

  • Systems Thinking methodologies
  • Design Thinking methods
  • Experience design methods
  • Lean Startup methods
  • Business model design
  • Barrett Analytics
  • Business gamification
  • Business process reengineering
  • DISC personality profiles
  • FEBI personality profiles
  • SQ21 Spiritual Intelligence tools
  • Experiential simulations

Transformation should build capability and be generative. Change is not a one-time exercise. And we don’t like repeating our work. We want our client to develop and thrive on its own.

You must be willing to learn and develop yourself. Turn-key or standardized solutions are not on our list. All solutions are tailored to the unique contexts of the client.

We work with our clients in sense-making (understanding the problem), solution development, and iterative implementation.

Category of Work

Dynamic and Flexible

man discussing a plan the design for the furniture

Consulting Projects

  • Use mainly for larger-scale transformative results, usually strategic changes.
  • When the client needs to mobilize or change a significant part of the organization
  • Major areas:
    • Culture Transformation
    • Strategy Development
    • Business Model Design
    • Process & Service Design
    • Operation Improvement
    • Business Gamification
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Training & Development

  • To develop the necessary mindset and skillset to transform and thrive.
  • The learning experience may take the form of training workshops, team events, or customized programs.
  • The learning experience will be dynamic, interactive, and with lasting impact.
  • Typical areas:
    • Team building
    • Management retreat
    • Leadership development
    • Managing change and transformation
    • Design Thinking
    • Process redesign
    • Customer experience design
    • Communication skills
    • Time and productivity management
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  • Changes at the personal level usually needs customized effort for lasting and transformative impact.
  • We engage teams and individuals in Growth Conversations (a.k.a. coaching sessions) to stimulate deep-level conscious and unconscious changes.
  • Tools like DISC, FEBI personality assessments, Barret Values Analytics, Neuro-linguistic Programming, Design Thinking, and SQ21 (Spiritual Intelligence) may also be used.
  • Common types of our work:
    • Executive Coaching
    • Leadership Coaching
    • Personal Development
    • Life Stages Development
    • Life Gamification

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