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When You Redesign a Process, Nothing is Impossible

The above word cloud captures the personal learning from my in-house training program for a client. The most mentioned ones are “everything is possible” and “nothing is impossible”. This is so encouraging – both to the organization and to me.

If you think this is the kind of motivational program on personal breakthrough or team building, it is not. This is a down-to-earth type of program on process redesign and improvement for enhancing operational performance. The participants come to learn the concepts and skills to improve their operation and services. Defining the process, performance metrics, process mapping, walkthrough and observations,… are among the vocabulary and language floating in the air.

Concepts, tools and techniques are easy stuff. Most of the time, training sessions focusing on learning these are a waste of time. People can find all sorts of these concepts and tools online. The internet is more knowledgeable than a trainer. Period.

What is more important is preparing the minds. Open their minds’ eyes to see what’s possible. Not just possible to others, but to the participants themselves.

With two days of learning workshop plus a half-day project presentation that spread across a month, the program ignites the participants’ passion to improve different processes. In this client’s case, the teams attacked some long-established cross-functional processes which needed streamlining and dramatic improvement in performance.

Shortening lead-time, more satisfied customers, reduced workload are the common results of such programs.

I love working with client on this type of learning and development projects. Not only will you see fast improvement results from the training projects (which aims for real improvements rather than practices), you also plant an improvement culture to challenge the status quo and explore possibilities.

An ordinary man sees a blank canvas; an artist visualizes a masterpiece to be painted.

If you want quantum leaps in your business or operation, start by fuelling the minds of your people. Develop their ability to see the possibilities, then provide them with proper opportunities and tools, they will craft their showcases.

Once they see what’s possible, they cannot unsee the better world!

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