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  • What the Face Mask Reminds Me About Change

    What the Face Mask Reminds Me About Change

    The COVID Face Mask Episode For most of my life I live in Hong Kong. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, I was in this place and saw the society moved quickly to voluntary use of face mask, then to it becoming a mandatory measure. After more than three years, when most other places…

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  • Translated Copy of “Building a Winning Organizational Culture”

    With the permission of Richard Barrett, the founder of Barrett Values Centre, I have translated his recent article “Building a Winning Organizational Culture” into Chinese. You may access the copy here.  

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  • My Journey in Cultural Transformation

    While Zensiblo is heading towards her sixth anniversary, my work in changing and transforming organization culture has well passed the 20-year mark. It is a good time to introspect and crystallize some lesson learned. The Road Traveled (So Far) Some twenty years ago, I left my career in media marketing (I’m talking about traditional radio…

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