Zensiblo Consulting


Purposeful service

Our Intention

We aspire to demonstrate that a small team of committed consultants can contribute significantly to the development and success of businesses.

To achieve this, we continually

  • Acquire and adopt systemic methodologies, approaches, and tools to enrich our capability and flexibility in assisting clients;
  • Actively challenge businesses and individuals to create real, sensible changes; and
  • Engage in assignments that challenge ourselves to break through, and establish a workplace that can harmonize work and life.

The TeAM

Humbly Provocative

Before launching Zensbilo Consulting, our team already has many years of experience working with businesses and organizations in major change projects.

By keeping a small and cohesive team with diverse knowledge and experience, we provide you with better perspectives on your issues, and a diverse toolset to suit your needs.

We humbly believe that our clients can develop the perspective to make sense of their situation, and possess the necessary potential to face their issues. We provocatively stimulate, challenge, and facilitate our clients to transform and thrive.

Catus Lee

Founder and Principal Consultant

25+ years of experience helping businesses and organizations to design and implement strategic change – business strategy, organization change, culture building, and process and service innovations.

Excels at helping clients to develop the capacity for generative changes – turning the organization into an adaptive and proactive whole.

Catus also supports individuals on personal and professional transformation. By leveraging on a variety of concepts and tools that center on deep changes, he helps clients achieve positive and lasting changes.

Elaine Chow

Design Specialist

Design professional turned change expert. Elaine infuses design approaches to client projects to integrate divergent views and insights, and enables the syntheses of effective and innovative solutions.

Has extensive experience in business process redesign, new product development, branding and marketing projects.

She is the real design practitioner turned business improvement specialist, and she excels at applying design thinking to solving business problems.

Weymond Lam

HR Specialist

Over 30 years of extensive experience in re-vitalizing the human resources function to facilitating organization cultural change across different industries including construction, real estate development, telecommunication, trading & finance.

Weymond has served as Vice President and Executive Council member of the Hong Kong Institute of Human Resources Management (HKIHRM), and Co-Chairman of the Professional Standards Committee and members of various committees.

With his rich experience, Weymond excels at assisting organizations to build and leverage on HR to achieve sustainable business success.

Ready To Start New Project With Zensiblo?

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