We work with our clients on changes at different levels and dimensions:

  • Strategy
  • Culture assessment & transformation
  • Management system design
  • Business process design
  • Service & experience design
  • Learning & development

With the facilitation and guidance from our consulting team, the client team is the prime driving force and owner for the change-work. This high client-involvement approach creates the necessary condition for successful change.

Generally, we work with a client through the following steps:



Project Stories

The following samples will give you insights on our typical projects. The clients’ industries and specific facts are masked to respect client confidentiality.

Business Model Review

Having established for a few years, an non-profit organization decided to review strategy and operation before scaling up.

After soliciting the views from different stakeholders, our consultant used Soft Systems Methodology to start reviewing the business model. Coupled with the systemic business model canvas tool, we assisted the client to perform a comprehensive review and identify areas to strengthen and change. The operation design was also examined and major changes were recommended.

Strategic Planning: Creating a Brighter Future

Assisted a manufacturer to formulate its first strategic plan and monitor the implementation progress. Other than taking an expert approach to formulate the plan for the client, our consultant leveraged on the client managers’ capability and provide guidance to craft a future plan. This approach ensured the management team’s ownership of the plan, and enhanced the capability of the management team.

The integrated nature of the plan helped the varies functions of the company worked as an coordinated whole. The company not just grew healthily since the implementation of the plan, the management team was also enhanced with higher capability and better team leadership.

Process Redesign: Service and Operational Breakthrough

Resource constraints is usually viewed as a critical road-block to improving service and operations. Our experience tells the opposite. Limitations open the window for innovations.

We assisted one of our clients to dramatically reduced the service delivery time by over 75% and reduce backlog orders from weeks of work to practically zero, without additional manpower, technology investment, and other resources.

We worked with the client project team to study the service and operation process, identify bottlenecks, and review customer experience. With a systemic view of the process, the team redesigned the process with the existing resources and manpower. By shattering fundamental assumptions and traditional practices, the team had arrived at a highly efficient, customer friendly, and integrated process.

Not only were customers satisfied, the people working in the process also found better internal coordination, less stress, and more purposeful work.

Culture Transformation: Building a New Culture

The strategic changes and improvements of a business usually require changes in the working culture. To achieve this type of changes, the management need to inject sustainable effort, commitment, and initiative to steer the “culture wheel”.

Our consultant had assisted a business to start changing the culture from a functionally focused rigid organization, to a collaborative team culture with open dialogue.

We worked with top management to pinpoint the needs for change, and then identify the leverage action to start the change. Through using high impact tools, deep level mindset changes are achieved.

The client than used various initiatives, together with a change in leadership practices, to sustain and deepen the change in working culture towards the needed direction.