Our Working Principles

At the core of our projects stands the following principles, which are the cornerstones of every successful engagement.

1. Systems Perspectives

Issues and problems do not exist in isolation. A business is a complex system consisting of interacting parties, and itself interacting with the environment. To effectively assist our clients, Zensiblo Consulting always assess situations with the systems lens to ensure overall wellness of the clients’ situation.

2. Future Focus

Every organization/business intends to be sustainable in the long-term. Therefore, we support our clients to identify and implement solutions when long-term benefits as well as short term results.

3. Co-Design

Each client is unique. There is no “one-size-fit-all” solutions.

We believe that the client is the expert in their own situation. By co-designing with our clients in close partnership, Zensiblo is able to identify solutions that best fit the situations of the clients.

Further, co-designing solutions generates better ownership on the client side. This significantly enhance the implementability of the solutions.

4. Solving the Right Problem

The great system thinker late Prof. Russell Ackoff once said, “Successful problem solving requires finding the right solution to the right problem. We fail more often because we solve the wrong problem than because we get the wrong solution to the right problem.” We observed that many organizations either chase the “trendy” approaches or “address the symptoms with the wrong cure”.

In every client engagement, we pay extra attention and effort to assess and identify the (systemic) issues. Only with that in mind, we can identify the appropriate leverage points to effect successful changes, and thus choose the right approaches and methods to act on them.

5. Flexibility & Adaptability

Center on taking systemic actions, we are not set on following one specific approach. Instead, we will choose the one that suits the situation – the market, the organization, the culture, management’s capability – and adapt it to facilitate the change design work.

Further, we do not stop at proposing solutions. We want to see through execution and help clients achieve results.

Every implementation has its unique challenges. Plans may clash with reality. Flexibility in execution and adaptability to the unique contexts of the client are the critical success factors to achieving the desired outcomes.

Our Approaches

With systems methodologies at our core, we employ a variety of different approaches and tools to support our clients.



CTT-LogoCatus Lee, our Principal Consultant, is the first and only CTT Certified Consultant based in Hong Kong.