Lotus Tours Limited

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Consulting project on cultural transformation to support Lotus Tours to identify and implement key initiatives to achieve sustainable success.

What an excellent cultural assessment job done by Zensiblo Consulting Limited! Our management team can now understand more on employees’ own desired cultural values and identify the critical values that the management needs to take the necessary action to enhance. Their analytical reports provided our management team an insight to align both individual and the current organization cultural values to establish a better foundation for our company to move forward to a sustainable success. The detailed consultative advice and the collaboration process is very much appreciated.

Tony Chau, Lotus Tours Limited – General Manager of HR and Technology

New World Development Company Limited

Consulting & training service to support the New World Group to initiate their first quality improvement program – UNITI Circles.

… Staff feedback was very positive with regard to the contents and relevancy to their UNITI Circle projects. The energy and sharing of Catus had also enhanced the attitude and mindset of our staff towards the successful implementation of improvement projects.

Teddy Liu, General Manager – Corporate & Talent Development


Teach Unlimited Foundation

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Consulting project to review and improve the organization, business model, and program delivery of the organization.

… Catus demonstrated high level of professionalism in listening and addressing to concerns of TUF. He was effective in bringing back and incorporating feedback from TUF’s stakeholders. While not an education expert, Catus has a good grasp of our core business and showed genuine understanding of our success factors.

Winnie Yip Fong, Director of Operations


Dialogue in the Dark Hong Kong

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Consulting service on business development – developing sales strategy and coaching the sales teams to accelerate sales in the corporate sector.

… Mr. Lee is organized, efficient, and extremely competent because with his close coaching, he successfully brought up the sales team to be independent, confident and competent to their work. In addition, through his network DiD HK could be known by both corporate and government entities in a swift manner and sales revenue was doubled in just 9 months time…

Antony Pang, General Manager


EPS Company (Hong Kong) Limited

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Management and staff development service to enhance internal collaboration and communication by both mindset alignment and skill building.

… Staff feedback was very positive regarding the training content, relevance and applicability to work issues. Most importantly of all, the professionalism, profound experience and interpersonal sensitivity of Mr. Lee had been highly treasured by our participants. This was also a key drive for our Company to repeat our training request after the initial cooperation in early 2011.

Raymond So, General Manager


Evangelical Lutheran Church Social Service – Hong Kong

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Training and advisory service to assist the client to align document management practices and design in a multiple-service, multiple-location context.

…The training has provided much insights on filing system in terms of both attitude and system. Our colleagues are greatly benefited from it. We are also grateful for your effort and advice on our planning to improve our current filing system.

Ngai King Yiu, Chief Executive


Pernod Ricard China

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Sales & Marketing Leadership team retreat. Leveraging on the power of Dialogue in the Dark, the team had reflected on business strategy, organization and operation processes in additional to fostering stronger teamwork.

This one day workshop helped this senior group of sales and marketing leaders to deeply reflect their insights and attitude in business, organization, process and family and life as well. It also helped the top management of Pernod Ricard China to holistically observe the strengths and weaknesses of this leadership team and how they can work cohesively as a whole unit.
Your structured workshop, experienced facilitation and sharp observation and insight sharing have brought tremendous value to our talent development and instilled a great foundation for the company to continuously build on the momentum you have created for us!

Horace Ngai, Deputy Managing Director